All Terrain Metal Detector- A Must Have

Published: 15th October 2009
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Depending on your budget as well as the features of the metal detector, the price range $60 to $800 each! With all the available metal detectors in the market today, there is no doubt that choosing and buying a metal detector can be a real challenge.

So what classifies an all terrain metal detector? An all terrain best metal detectors is one that lets you search on any type of land and even water. This means you can actually look in water for lost treasures. This feature is definitely one you'll want if you use the detector at the beach. An example of a detector that is reasonably priced but with water searching capabilities, the Treasure Hunter 3050. Priced around $250 and has the capability of an all terrain metal detector. The 3050 has an amazing combination of technology to make it truly second to none among its peers. The 3050 has Treasure Hunters patented multi-frequency deep search technology found only in Treasure Hunter 3019, and XJ9-3050 metal detectors. This model is equipped with a powerful 32 bit Z-TEX Computer Microprocessor for increased depth and discrimination. The large LCD screen will visually indentify the target, the depth of the target, and pinpoint the target. This detector can achieve depths of 30cm (12") for a coin the size of a US quarter. Can detect a silver dollar at 16" depth. This detector will tell the difference between an old wheat penny from the new zinc type of penny simultaneously. This detector uses multi-frequency technology to achieve greater depths and increased discrimination. With the multi-frequency technology the XJ9-3050 can recover coins, relics, treasure as well as gold nuggets at greater depths than ever before. With its advanced turn and go fully automatic feature, this treasure hunting machine has already left a huge impression on the metal detecting community.

If you want to search for treasure in a deep body of water, you'll want something like the Discovery 330. Like the Treasure Hunter 3050, the Discovery 330 have standard motion features all-metal mode. Like most detectors, it detects all types of metal, while the progressive discrimination control eliminates iron and other unwanted items. For example for gold prospecting, the best metal detectors would have the correct frequency for gold detection. In order to find gold nuggets the best metal detector must operate at a higher frequency than the usual normal metal detectors. The challenge with this is that most metal detectors operate at VLF (very low freqeuncy) so they can tune out iron trash while going very deep. Gold gives off almost the same magnetic frequency as iron ore and many times gold jewelry is alloyed with non-valuable metals.The best all around metal detector for gold nugget hunting is probably the Treasure Hunter XJ9-3050 with because of its dual frequency technology as well as programmable sensitivity adjustment and LCD display that indicates the depth of the target, as well as identification of the target.

Along with a good metal detector, you will also need some accessories. Examples of accessories are hip mount assemblies, extra coils, carrying bags, and books on treasure hunting. One great book on the subject of prospecting with a detector is You Can Find Gold by Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal. You might also want to check out The Urban Treasure Hunter: A Practical Handbook for Beginners by Michael Chaplan. There are different guidebooks for different types of terrain as well, such as The Beach Hunter's Guide that teaches you how to search in sand and surf. With the best metal detector and a little guidance, you're likely to locate great treasures in no time!


Finding the best location and best suited equipment is just as important as having a large selection. Metal detector town is a place where detector hobbyists can share their experience, finds, and stories. We have a volumes of information on how to choose the best spots for metal detecting as well as the best metal detectors.

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